Music & Words by Mark Ross

Mixed-Up Morning Blues (2010)

Mixed-Up Morning Blues has been one of Mark’s most requested songs for the past thirteen years. Here it is served up by a righteous twelve-piece band with a ton of help from “his kids,” along with lively illustrations in an easy-to-follow book format. It’s an inspired project that beautifully brings together Mark’s extensive experience and passion as both a blues musician and an educator. According to Mark, you can teach kids almost anything with music, and they do “get” the blues.



Quotes about Mixed-Up Morning Blues

IPBA Benjamin Franklin Children's Audio Book of the Year Silver Medalist.

"Bring Mark Ross, a guitar, and a group of young children together in a room, and you have magic. Mark's ability to use his music to teach language, math, anatomy, movement - you name it - all the while handling a preschool crowd that can rival any late night blues club, is pure joy".

--Linda Duerr (Director, Penn State Child Development Lab)


"When Mark comes to visit he's a huge hit with our kids and teachers alike. Pure fun, that always leaves us wanting more! Mied up morning blues is a great book and CD to add to your child's library."

-- Miss Janet (Stay & Play Preschool)

Preview of Mixed-Up Morning Blues