Mark Ross

Musician, Producer, Author, & Educator

Mark's book Mixed Up Morning Blues received the 2011 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Children's Audio Book of the Year silver medal!

Mixed Up Morning Blues is Mark's first childrens book. It features an 11 piece band featuring Mark, Jack, Rene, & Doug all of Queen Bee & the Blue Hornet Band. The book is Mark's take on waking up and everything being "mixed up." There are 3 more book/CDs coming entitled: Skinny Little Bug. Its not a racket… Its The Pots and Pans Band, and I Went to the Doctor. These are proven tunes that mark performs regularly at his kid music gigs at the Penn State Child Development Lab.

The new Queen Bee record Honey From The Hive is an extensive compilation featuring work from their numerous records, as well as 3 unreleased versions of past material. It captures them at their finest moments. A vol. 2 will be made within a year featuring other great stuff. Also within the year look for a DVD/Documentary. More on that later.

Mark now performs regionally with Miss Melanie & the Valley Rats and continues to do the occasional gig with the Blue Hornet Band as well as doing his regular kids gigs at the Penn State Child Development Labs and other locations. (See Shows)

Mark has been busy in the studio as a producer. He recently co-produced Delmar Brown's Do You Believe album. Delmar has played with legends like Miles Davis, The Rolling Stones, Sting, Gil Evans, Bruce Springsteen, and countless others.

Mark is also producing singer/songwriter Philip Masorti's new album Another Year. The record will feature a large portion of the "State College 'A' Team."

You can also catch Mark out on the seminar circuit, discussing children's music and all other music related topics.

To order the book/CD send $20 to Mark Ross/AlleyCat Music 150 Kelly Alley, State College, Pa. 16801. For the Queen Bee & the Blue Hornet Band disc send $15 to the same address. (Checks are preferred) the Delmar Brown CD is also available at the same address for $15.